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Drafter Beware: Evan Engram

One of my regression candidates is the talented Evan Engram.  Engram is immensely talented; however, the offense in 2018 will look very different than the offense in 2017.  Last year, Engram was the benefactor of an injury to Odell Beckham Jr. (and every receiver worth a damn) and a mundane running game.  This year, Beckham is back... and looking to make up for a lost 2017.  The backfield got a boost with a super rookie, Sequan Barkley.  Engram will not be the only offensive threat in 2018.  

I'm not saying that Engram will be bad... far from it; I mean he's really really talented.  However, he will be more of a red zone threat than anything.  So do not reach too high for Engram.  Be patient.

Evan Engram.jpg