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Draft Day

Your Fantasy Football Draft is right around the corner.  As you go into the draft there are a few things to keep in mind as you attempt to build a solid, well rounded team.

First of all; have a plan.  No, I do not mean simply printing a page of player rankings and draft the next available player on the list.  It is imperative you know how to build your position depth and draft accordingly.

Secondly, know your league.  Are your competitors fools or shrewd Fantasy Football players?  Do they have darlings that they will reach for?  

Third, anticipate position runs.  They undoubtedly happen in every draft.  Be prepared.  

Fourth, come up with a great team name.  

Let me help you with your draft and your team throughout the year.  My experience, knowledge, and skill will help you build a winning team.  Let's do this!!