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Fantasy Football 101

Fantasy football is this wonderful game where you choose real NFL players to make up your fantasy team and you compete against your friends, foes, family, co-workers, and complete strangers to demonstrate that you are the best at knowing your players' strengths, weaknesses, and predictability.  If this sounds confusing and a little too deep for you to plunge into; fear not, that is why I am here.  Average Joes' is at your service!!  So let us wade in together and then start swimming in the fantasy football ocean.

How It Works

While leagues vary when it comes to starting positions, bench depth, scoring, and keepers; you can basically count on drafting a team comprising of NFL players where some will start and some will sit on the bench.  Starters will earn you points (hopefully) toward your final score; conversely, the bench players do not count toward your score.  Generally you will have to field a team each week with: a quarterback, two running backs, two or three wide receivers, a tight end, a flex (what the hell is a flex? A flex is like a wild card; usually this can be a wide receiver, running back, or tight end), a team defense, and a kicker.  

The Players

But Joe, where do these players come from and how do I get them on my team?  That's a great question and I'm glad you asked.  Before the NFL season begins, the most entertaining, competitive, and fun event of the year takes place (it is slightly better than Christmas): your league's fantasy football draft.  Fantasy football drafts come in basically two forms: snake draft or auction draft.  I will go into depth regarding these two very different styles in a later post; but for now know that during the draft you select the players to fill the aforementioned positions on your team.  

After you select your team, these are your players, your friends, your family for the next 5 months.  You will worry about their health and happiness.  You will yell and them and proclaim how much you love/hate them... like real family and friends.  However, if one of these players is not living up to their potential you can drop them and add an available player each week.  This is called the waiver wire and I will go into depth into this portion of fantasy football in another post; so stay tuned.  


As I stated before, you league's scoring system will vary.  Generally, your starting players earn you points in the real NFL game that they will play in that week.  For instance, if you own Tom Brady and he throws for three touchdowns against the Jets that week; you will get points for those touchdowns (Yay!).  The goal is to have more points at the end of the week than your opponent.  

That's It?

In a nutshell, that is how fantasy football works.  Perfecting the nuances within the aforementioned is the difference between building a championship team and a last place team. I am here to help you with all of the nuances of fantasy football.  I will help you develop a strategy to assemble a solid team and then implement that strategy during your draft.  Then I will help you work the waiver wire each week so that your team is optimally performing. Finally, I am available to answer any of your fantasy football questions regarding trades, who to start, and up to date player news.  

Now that you know what fantasy football is, let's dominate your league!!