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I love Travis Kelce and so should you!

As a southern man, I am predisposed to an affinity for enjoying a fine glass of bourbon (on the rocks with a splash since you asked).  One of my favorite bourbons is Woodford Reserve.  Are there better tasting bourbons out there?  Absolutely!  However, Woodford packs a wonderful flavor for moderate price.  Essentially, you get a fantastic bourbon bang for your buck! (as I take a sip)

Travis Kelce in liquid form.

Travis Kelce in liquid form.

In the world of tight ends Travis Kelce delivers the best tight end bang for your buck.  This year, Kelce posted a strong 6 games with 100+ yards of receiving.  6!  4 of those came in consecutive weeks while fantasy teams were making pushes for the playoffs.  To put that into perspective, Odell Beckham Jr. had 4 games with over 100 yards receiving.  Want a little more perspective?  Savor this flavor... Odell Beckham Jr.'s average draft position was 3rd overall.  Travis Kelce's average draft position was 55th.  The unanimous top tight end, Rob Gronkowski's, average draft position was 9th overall.  Kelce was drafted on average 52 spots later than Beckham; and 46 spots behind Gronk.  Is Gronk great?  Absolutely.  Is he the best tight end in the league when healthy?  ("when healthy" are the operative words with Gronkowski these last few seasons)  I would emphatically say yes.  But Travis Kelce is Gronk without the Round 1 price tag.  In essence, Travis Kelce is the Woodford Reserve of tight ends.  Drink up my friends.