I won a fantasy football championship

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It all started when...

I won a fantasy football championship with Marshall Faulk and Steve McNair leading the way many moons ago.  Since then I have been playing fantasy baseball and fantasy football; crushing competitors along the way.  Currently, I provide player updates for Fantasypros.com.

I learned long ago that your butt can get pretty sore kicking yourself when something does not work out and you lose.  Losses happen, that's just the way fantasy sports goes sometimes.  That is why my advice is based on well-conducted research.   I work hard to put your team in the best possible position to succeed. 

Can I guarantee you will win your league?  Of course not; no one can.  If they do, then by all means pay them; and I will see you next year after you are disappointed.  Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football are fickle beasts.  I have seen the great Julio Jones put up over 200 yards receiving one week and then laid a fantasy egg the next.  Players can have a phenomenal week and all signs point to a big week in their next matchup and then that player receives less touches than his backup (I’m looking at you Eddie Lacy).  You're player's mcls and elbows are unpredictable.  With all of that being said, what I CAN guarantee you is that your team will be put in the best position to win as possible each and every week.  We will work to build teams able to withstand the ups and downs of a fantasy season.  We will assemble the best possible team to make a playoff run and bring home the glory. Wait until you see how it feels to taunt your friends, family, or coworkers as you make that run for the playoffs. (There is no 15 yard penalty for taunting fantasy football)