Whether it's the middle of the draft or the middle of the season, I provide personalized fantasy football and fantasy baseball advice tailored to your fantasy team and your league!


As a fantasy consultant, you should think of me as your fantasy sports personal trainer.  So, why do you need me?  That's a great question and frankly, I'm glad you asked.  You are about to commit four months managing a team week in and week out; and you are not in it to lose and get made fun of by the rest of your league.  Unless you are 100% confident that you will make your playoffs, then you can use my help to get you there.  I’m here to give you personalized fantasy baseball and fantasy football advice so that you can dominate your league.  While most sites simply post player rankings, they are not personalized to your fantasy team, your league, and your team's situation.  That’s where I come in.  I have been playing fantasy football and fantasy baseball long before it was cool to play fantasy sports. (Not unlike how Matthew McConaughey has been driving that Lincoln)  I eat, sleep, and occassionaly dream about fantasy football and fantasy baseball.  I currently provide player updates for Fantasypros.com.  My goal is to provide you with personalized advice, analysis, and recommendations for your team.  I will instruct you as if your fantasy team was my own.  I will even celebrate with a Heineken in your honor when your RB2 tops 100 yards rushing and two touchdowns on Sunday. 

Not only will I provide you with advice that is custom to your team, I will provide you with player updates as the week progresses.  This is particularly important as the season wears on.  Injuries are some of the biggest variables in determining success in fantasy sports.  Being able to monitor injuries and adapt is key to giving your fantasy team an edge on the competition.  When your starter is gimpy, I will let you know and advise you whether we should pick up his backup or ride the running back with a bad wheel.  In baseball, prospects can be a vital shot in the arm to your team as it climbs to the top.  Monitoring those prospects and when they may be called up to the Big Leagues is a daunting task; yet it is vital to winning your league.  

What sets me apart from other fantasy sports sites is that I not only give you personalized advice; I am on call to answer your fantasy football and fantasy baseball questions.  If you have a start or sit question, I will answer it.  If you receive a trade offer and you’re not sure if you should pull the trigger (or if you can get more than what they’re offering); ask me.  If you are second guessing yourself, reach out and I will weigh in on your dilemma and help you make the right decision. Fantasy sports is not as easy as looking at the rankings and plugging in that player.  That's why I do what I do.  Come to me with questions you may have about your team and I will help you make the best decision possible.

Whether you are seeking a draft consultant or year long advice (or both), you can purchase a package that will suit your individual needs.  No matter if it's a league with your co-workers, family, or friends; you want to win! Let Average Joes' help you dominate your fantasy league this year.  Let's Do This!

Get out the trophy polish!


One of the largest difficulties of fantasy football is working the waiver wire.  It consumes your valuable time and requires research each and every week.  Like it or not, this is where leagues are won and lost.  Many sites simply rank the top players each week.  However, just because a player is “ranked” as a top target, doesn’t mean that player fits the needs of your team.  Each week I will evaluate your fantasy team, your competitors, and your league standings and advise you on smart waiver wire pickups. 

Average Joes' offers packages that range from draft day consultation to weekly fantasy football advice to season long advice with unlimited questions.  Check out the Football Packages page for more.